Citation against the Lindberg Heat Treating Company: a commercial heat treater of assorted metal parts

1975 North Ruby Street

Melrose Park, IL. 60160

On August 7th and 8th of 1996, two pollution control officers from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago assisted in an ongoing investigation to find the sources of septic-like odors and/or conditions reported in Silver Creek.

The location of the storm sewer under inspection exists on Ruby Street between Armitage Avenue and Indian Boundary Drive. This is located in Melrose Park. Ten inspection manholes are located on the Ruby Street storm sewer. Three facilities are located in this area: Standard Refrigeration, A G I Inc. and Lindberg Heat Treating. Dye-testing was done in order to discount or affirm contributing sources to the contamination of Silver Creek. drainage from parking lots(Standard Refrigeration and A G I Inc.), noncontact cooling water from an air compressor(Standard Refrigeration), condensate from an air conditioner

(A G I Inc.) and an oil-contaminated water discharge from Lindberg Heat Treating were found.

In manhole number 8, some oil sheen was reported. Efforts were directed towards Lindberg Heat Treating. Connected to the Ruby Street storm sewer is an inspection manhole. It exists in Lindberg's parkway. This was confirmed by dye-testing. An oil-contaminated discharge was discovered during the investigation. A Mr. Chuck Kenny was contacted for information regarding the discharge and access to the plant. A 300 gallon holding capacity chamber is located 50 feet from Lindberg's storm manhole. This was verified by dye-testing. The chamber had a sump pump(inoperable at that time) and the stream was supposedly pumped to an outside oil separator. While opening the manhole to the chamber, a distinct odor of oil was detected.

On the 8th, trace metals and FOG samples were collected from this manhole. Further examination revealed the connection of utility sinks to the chamber. A flow was present during both days.

A direct relationship was revealed between the Heat Treating company and the illegal discharge to the storm system was confirmed. After this citation, the ongoing investigation still continued. There would be a follow-up as necessary.

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